Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Again

I have been very into crochet lately--I'm working on a kit for a crocheted afghan that belonged to my great-grandmother, and I'm working a bit on my own crochet designs (with help from crochet stitch books).
I also made this for my cousin's fourth birthday in March:

Crochet Breakfast by Jessica Spencer, Beansprout Creations (Rav link)

I just used scrap yarn (acrylic and machine-washable cotton) that I had in the stash. My cousin loves to pretend to cook for people so I thought he would like it, and he does.

I was very lucky with my freehand embroidery on a scr ap of felt for the bag (the bag was from some t-shirt sheets we bought a little while ago). Overall, this is one of the projects I am the most proud of, in part because of how well it turned out but also because I only used materials I already had, and because it was a present that is so perfect for my cousin.

I am looking forward to a summer full of crochet and crafting!