Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Circles Market Tote

I should have more time to knit now that I'm getting settled into the semester and my new job, but in the meantime I have an older project to show you:

This is a bag of my own design that I actually sold. I call it the Circles Market Tote. I used Bulky Lopi from the stash (extra points) and needle-felted the circles on (using some beautiful roving from Brimstone Hollow Farms--you can't really see it in the pictures but there are hints of orange in the blue). I heart needle-felting.
Next time I hope to have some charity knitting to show you and maybe even a sock. I'm also casting on for Chaos for my cousin's birthday (describes him perfectly!).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not much to report

Between grad school and knitting a commissioned project and starting a new job this week, there wasn't much time for knitting. I did make these:

High Top Baby Booties from Knitting To Go
Yarn: Raggi, color 1542 Blue Tweed, leftovers from a pair of socks I made my brother (you can find it here)
Source: Stash, originally from Patternworks
Needles: Aluminum dpns of unknown origin, US size 6
Modifications: Added two extra rows to the instep length

Other than that, and the commissioned project, the knitting has been slim. So here's a nice Valentine's Day picture (let's ignore the fact that I forgot about Valentine's Day completely):

(This is a chocolate rose from a very nice boy who may or may not have something to do with the lack of knitting lately. There was another one, but I ate it. It was delicious.)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fairer Fair Isle

I forgot to show you the results of the Fair Isle class I took a couple of weeks ago at The Elegant Ewe:

The wrong side of my colorwork has never looked like this before!

And the front has never looked so good either. The class was definitely worth my while. Since I learn most of my knitting and crafting skills from books, I'm sometimes reluctant to take classes (also because that means less money for yarn and other craft supplies). I really enjoy the hands-on experience though, and if something isn't clicking then I know it's time to seek out someone who can help me. On The Elegant Ewe site there is a list of classes and there is another Fair Isle class in March. If you have colorwork issues at all I highly recommend taking it.

These are the Subway Mittens from the Winter 2007 Interweave Knits. This was my favorite kind of project for so many reasons. I love that they were designed for the Boston subway system (which I use to get to graduate school) and that I actually got to knit something from a current issue of Knits (although the Spring 2008 issue arrived the day after I finished these). Even though I will only be using them as subway mittens for one more winter, I think they look cute with the pocket and other small things could be put in there (like cash for buying hot cocoa when ice skating). I also love that they used up some stash yarn that previously had no project attached to it, and it is a nice local handspun (or Bartlett mill-spun--I don't remember) sheepy-smelling wool in a tweedy blue and brown that will go with both of my winter jackets. They were portable, which is the only reason I got them done so quickly. They were this week's commute-and-in-between-classes project (that may not happen next week, since the project is toe-up socks on size 1 needles...)
Pattern: Subway Mittens from the Winter 2007 issue of Interweave Knits
Yarn: Locally raised handspun or Bartlett mill-spun
Source: Stash! (originally from a vendor at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival)
Needles: Susan Bates US size 5 dpns, Brittany Birch US size 7 dpns
Modifications: None

As for other projects, I'm still plugging away on the Secret of the Stole II (beautiful pattern but not much to show right now) and the afghans, plus I've started a project that someone is buying from me. I'm also trying to come up with ideas for birthday and Christmas presents. That new issue of Interweave Knits is awfully distracting, though...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Hat and a Cat

I'm sorry to report that there isn't much interesting going on in the way of knitting or crocheting. There are afghans (the making of green and yellow granny squares continues, and I am about halfway done a very cozy (and unwieldy) crocheted ripple afghan) and the Secret of the Stole II, but these things take time. Classes started again last week, so I needed something small and quick to work on during the commute and breaks, and I'm really trying to work from the stash, so I made this:

Elizabeth's Aran Hat from the 2005 Pattern A Day Knitting Calendar. I've had the yarn set aside for this since, well, 2005, so I figured it was about time I knit it up.
Yarn: Harrisville Highland Style (I think--it's definitely Harrisville), less than one skein
Source: Patternworks sale bin
Needles: US Size 7 Addi Turbo 13" circular needle, Brittany Birch US Size 7 dpns
Modifications: There was one row that I think was written wrong; I just followed the pattern established by the knitting

The hat is cute, if a little small. It's not something I would wear to keep my ears warm, and I have a small head which is why it fits me, but I think if you went up a needle size it would be bigger without any fancy rewrites. All in all, it was just what I needed: a quick knit for the commute. Next up: Subway Mittens from Intweave Knits Winter 2007 (scroll down here for a picture). These will be great because I use the subway and I am knitting from the stash once again.
I was reading Tres Chic Veronique's discussion of the "Knit from Your Stash 2007" promise, and I'm going to implement something like that of my own since the stash is threatening to overtake my room and I'm trying to save some money anyway.
My rules (adapted from Wendy's)
1. The Knit from my Stash extravaganza will run from January 1, 2008 to November 1, 2008.
2. I will not buy any yarn during this time, with the following exceptions:
2a. Sock yarn does not count (socks are the best bus project)
2b. Yarn for knitting gifts does not count.
2c. Yarn for projects that I plan to sell does not count.
2d. Purchasing yarn to complete a project does not count.
2e. I get one "Get out of Jail Free" card (just one)
3. I am allowed to receive gifts of yarn.
4. Trading stash is allowed.
5. Spinning fiber will be exempt only when I start spinning on a regular basis (I currently purchase fiber as if I am a person who spins on a regular basis when I am not)
6. The New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival (May) and The Wool Tour (October) are completely exempt from this and I can buy whatever I want.

And since there was only one picture of knitting, I give you a gratuitous cat picture:

I know he looks mad at me, but I'm mad at him too. Last night I came home and there was a spider on my bed and he just lay there not doing anything about it.