Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Hat and a Cat

I'm sorry to report that there isn't much interesting going on in the way of knitting or crocheting. There are afghans (the making of green and yellow granny squares continues, and I am about halfway done a very cozy (and unwieldy) crocheted ripple afghan) and the Secret of the Stole II, but these things take time. Classes started again last week, so I needed something small and quick to work on during the commute and breaks, and I'm really trying to work from the stash, so I made this:

Elizabeth's Aran Hat from the 2005 Pattern A Day Knitting Calendar. I've had the yarn set aside for this since, well, 2005, so I figured it was about time I knit it up.
Yarn: Harrisville Highland Style (I think--it's definitely Harrisville), less than one skein
Source: Patternworks sale bin
Needles: US Size 7 Addi Turbo 13" circular needle, Brittany Birch US Size 7 dpns
Modifications: There was one row that I think was written wrong; I just followed the pattern established by the knitting

The hat is cute, if a little small. It's not something I would wear to keep my ears warm, and I have a small head which is why it fits me, but I think if you went up a needle size it would be bigger without any fancy rewrites. All in all, it was just what I needed: a quick knit for the commute. Next up: Subway Mittens from Intweave Knits Winter 2007 (scroll down here for a picture). These will be great because I use the subway and I am knitting from the stash once again.
I was reading Tres Chic Veronique's discussion of the "Knit from Your Stash 2007" promise, and I'm going to implement something like that of my own since the stash is threatening to overtake my room and I'm trying to save some money anyway.
My rules (adapted from Wendy's)
1. The Knit from my Stash extravaganza will run from January 1, 2008 to November 1, 2008.
2. I will not buy any yarn during this time, with the following exceptions:
2a. Sock yarn does not count (socks are the best bus project)
2b. Yarn for knitting gifts does not count.
2c. Yarn for projects that I plan to sell does not count.
2d. Purchasing yarn to complete a project does not count.
2e. I get one "Get out of Jail Free" card (just one)
3. I am allowed to receive gifts of yarn.
4. Trading stash is allowed.
5. Spinning fiber will be exempt only when I start spinning on a regular basis (I currently purchase fiber as if I am a person who spins on a regular basis when I am not)
6. The New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival (May) and The Wool Tour (October) are completely exempt from this and I can buy whatever I want.

And since there was only one picture of knitting, I give you a gratuitous cat picture:

I know he looks mad at me, but I'm mad at him too. Last night I came home and there was a spider on my bed and he just lay there not doing anything about it.

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