Wednesday, May 2, 2007


So it's been awhile since the last post. This whole end-of-my-college-career thing is a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated. I've also spent a lot of time being antsy about graduate school financial aid (I haven't heard from anyone yet). Oh, there has been knitting, crocheting (!), and sewing (there's this whole graduation dress idea that I think is going to end very, very badly) but I don't feel like I'm getting anything done.
I did get done with working at the yarn store last Sunday. It's a little sad. I'm going to miss spending Sundays with Susan (although I won't miss getting up early), and the loss of the 40% discount is wrenching, but after three years of snobby novice tourists, being yelled at for not having a yarn in stock or not being able to magically fix things I'm ready for a break.
The in-progress pictures are pretty boring, so I'll just list what I'm working on:
Chanson en Crochet (from Wrap Style) (that's the crocheting)
Wrist warmers (from Hollywood Knits) (commissioned by someone my mom works with)
A fifties style graduation dress (actually there are two, because I'm making a practice one with cheap fabric) (yes, I am aware that graduation is less than three weeks away and that my sewing skills leave something to be desired but my stubbornness to wear a dress that I made under my gown is currently overriding both of these facts)
and still, the Treeline Striped Cardigan

But first:
A new poem and a chapbook manuscript for poetry workshop
and maybe some of the pile of other school work I have to do...

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