Sunday, September 14, 2008

Murphy's Law of Knitting and Crocheting

I don't have anything to show you this week because I'm working on birthday and Christmas presents, and since I'm not sure who in my family reads the blog and who doesn't, I'm going to hold off posting until I give them away. There is one birthday next week, so you'll get to see that one soon. I did finish the Katharine Vest (Ravelry link) this week, but I just managed to steam out the cap sleeves yesterday before I went to visit my brother at college and I haven't been home since.

Speaking of which, on Wednesday I had a couple of hours between class and work that I clearly blocked out as knitting time (my Wednesdays start at 5:30 AM and I don't get out of work until 10:00 PM). I brought the birthday present mentioned above, which was nearly finished, and the Katharine Vest, which only needed two-thirds of the applied I-cord edging on the front. I thought that I could finish both in the ample time provided (although I forgot to factor in eating dinner, changing, and actually driving to work). Almost, but no cigar.

The counter point to this is that yesterday I brought a sock to work on. I had finished the heel, and it was a short-row heel so there were no stitches to pick up, but I still had the entire foot to do. On size two needles, for an average woman's foot. I did the entire length of the foot during Down With Love, and this morning I did the toe. I always bring more than one project with me, except for this time. Which is exactly why I finished it, and why I didn't finish my projects on Wednesday.

Lesson learned, Murphy.

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Lujan Family said...

This probably sounds ignorant since I don't knitt but you make the most beautiful things! I love your sweaters and the vest. Very cool! :)