Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still Here

Still knitting, too. Just not photographing or uploading photos or the uploaded photos show up incorrectly in Blogger. I'm also still decompressing from grad school, and the holidays were excellent but took a lot out of me, and we're getting lots of snow (meaning I have to shovel the driveway and dig out my car and leave earlier for work, etc.). I have a growing pile of FOs on my toy chest that will hopefully be photographed soon.

Moving along:

  • I promised I would show you what I got for Christmas. I received lovely Gingher shears (not my exact model), the Lucy Wrap kit and the Baltic Socks kit from kpixie, a really sweet knitting bag, Zakka Sewing (bittersweet now, because my sewing machine is dead), Blueprint Crochet, and Handmade Nation. My mom also got me a paint-by-numbers kit, which is an inside joke, but is also really fun and totally suits my anal retentive side.
  • I reknit Porom. Then I knit Koolhaas. Now I'm working on Habitat. Yes, I am obsessed with hats and Jared Flood designs. In my defense, the yarn for Porom and Habitat came out of the stash, and Koolhaas was an excellent excuse to try the Manos del Uruguay wool/silk blend and I used a giftcard to buy it (thanks Beth!)
  • I organized my stash and made a list of projects. I went through all my yarn and general craft stuff. This also really suited my anal retentive side and calmed my mind a little, which was calculating how quickly I knit (not very, but still) and how little money I make working only part-time and how I need to knit in order to deal with unpleasant realities. I have a (long) list of projects to work on so all is well for the moment (in the knitting/craft realm, I mean).
  • I seriously love the magazine Crochet Today. The patterns are great and they use cheap yarn from Michael's and A.C. Moore. So I know if the finished object looks great in cheap acrylic, I can either do it with that or use nicer stuff and it will look even better. The overall magazine design is fun and hip, too.
  • I knit a sweater, also from the stash. Next time there will be pictures
  • Happy February!

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midfar said...

love the 'SANDALWOOD SOCKS" in the interweave publication but i need the next bigger size around. i could just add another pattern in front but what to do with the back. could you help please
sharon @