Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moving Forward

   I'm a little sad to be leaving this blog behind, but I will be blogging at Stevens Handmade from now on. I started this blog in college, and continued it when I was in grad school, so I could keep in touch with friends and family and let them know what I was working on. I love looking back at what I've made and remembering what was going on in my life at the time, but I am moving forward in a couple of different ways that my new blog will document. I've had my own home with my fiance and our four animals for a little over a year now, so there is all sorts of making going on that didn't necessarily fit with this blog that I would like to share--making things for our home, our pets, and ourselves, and cooking, decorating, baking, growing and preserving food. I also plan to share some of the items I am making for our wedding next June.

   I'm also moving forward with a new business that I've been thinking about for awhile, also called Stevens Handmade. The new blog is not just for the business, though--as I mentioned above, I plan to share all of the things I am making, not just the ones for sale.

   I will be leaving this blog up but closing the comments. I enjoy looking back but I am excited to share new projects with you too, so I hope you will follow me over to Stevens Handmade!

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