Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I finally got two projects I'd frogged back on the needles: the scenester hooded scarf from Speed Knitting and the Purl Beret (free!). The scarf was a gauge issue (entirely my fault, but I always get annoyed when my substitutions don't work as well as I'd hoped). I left it alone for about a week after busting through it (twice, because I had to re-knit it after I discovered the gauge issue) and now I just have to redo the hood. The beret was not floppy enough and looked strange on my head, so I frogged back and I'm going to add an inch or two before decreasing for the crown.
This is in addition to my mom's birthday present and the many other projects I have going.
I would also like to mention that it is now snowing with a vengeance. The only bright side is rumors of no school tomorrow, but it is much more likely that we will still have class and I will have to spend an hour digging my car out and moving it while the landlords plow our driveway.
Where is spring?

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Rekindled Knitter said...

I just love the Sugar On Snow and can't wait to try the Purl Beret. Thanks for providing the link...
I noticed the quilt in the background of your projects. It's just beautiful. I think my grandmother made me an apron many many years ago with fabric resembling the blue calico in your quilt.
Looking forward to Knitting on Thursdays!
Rekindled Knitter