Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why yes

That is Hillary Clinton with Beth and myself in Manchester, NH. (The angry looking man in the background is Secret Service. I don't know what we did to make him mad.)

And a little teaser...

The first sleeve of the Treeline Striped Cardigan from the Purl Bee. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay and it is amazing. It is also expensive by my poor college student standards, so I buy skeins here and there and hoard it but rarely knit with it. Well, my hoarding paid off because I have almost enough yarn for the sweater. One of its many attributes is that it is hand-dyed, so there are no dye lots to worry about. The beauty of this pattern is that the stripes are all very thin, so variations in dying are pretty well hidden (otherwise I would have to knit a couple of rows from one ball, a couple of rows from another ball, and so on, to hide the variation).
So, a little bit of homework, and then more knitting.

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