Monday, April 28, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Three women set out on a quest to see the funniest knitting writer in the land. They drove for hours through strange lands to the far away kingdom of Northampton to a magical palace filled with yarn. During their trek they encountered strange and wonderful things, such as a bat on the side of a building:

They made their way through hordes and hordes of knitters but managed to find seats in the kingdom's theater where the Fair Lady of Knitting Humor spoke:

After they trekked back in hordes to the magical palace of yarn and fiber to meet her Highness (one gentleman exclaimed "Goodness me!" as the spectacularly large group crossed the street in one giant mass), where the lovely Lady Beth graciously held my sock and the book (with a Kinneared Harlot in the background):

The Lady Harlot herself (at which point I gave up trying to hide my picture-taking)

A lovely time was had by all. It was a day of merry-making, laughter, and the purchasing of yarn (although not too much, as the esteemed New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival is two weeks henceforth, and I wisheth to purchase much there).

The gracious Harlot even humbled herself to have a picture taken with me, and I was honored to hold her royal sock:

And we lived happily ever after, in houses that runneth over with yarn.

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