Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

I do have lots to show you, but unfortunately I could not find my camera this morning (don't worry, I think I know where it is). In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that next weekend is the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. Yippee! More information can be found here.

This is not an event you want to miss. It may not be the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (the largest in the country), and it's certainly no Rhinebeck, but it is a rocking good time. There is a lot to see but it's not overwhelming and there is a lot of great wool to be bought. Plus there are sheepdog and shearing demonstrations, great carnival food, and angora rabbits for sale. I am very excited.

I think the best part is that it falls on the weekend that marks the end of my semester (except for one more class on Monday), so I can shop as a reward for making it through and actually have time to spin and knit and crochet.

And now for something completely different: my first meme. I wasn't tagged for it, but I've been reading through Eunny's archives (although I am thrilled with her work at Interweave Knits, I really miss her blog--seeing what she's working on and learning new techniques from her, and even just reading about what's new with her) and I stumbled across this meme, so here goes.

Ten years ago: I was in eighth grade. I spent lots of time making things but I didn't know how to knit yet.

Five years ago: I was just about to graduate from high school and head off to college, to study sustainable agriculture. I learned to knit freshman year of college and whenever I was in class I would think about knitting and be anxious to get back to my project.

One year ago: I was just about to graduate from college and head off to graduate school to be a librarian. I had discovered Eunny's blog (among others) and spent most of my time looking for knitting inspiration and information on the Internet, when I wasn't finishing up my senior research project or working (at a yarn store and the library) or actually knitting. It was this time last year that I started this blog--in the midst of graduate school and work craziness, I missed my blogiversary.

Five snacks: Kettle corn, Goldfish crackers, homemade cookies, homemade bread, pumpkin seeds.

Five songs I know all the words to: "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello, "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Moondance" by Van Morrison, "London Calling" by The Clash, "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac.

Five things I would do with $100 million: 1.) Pay off my student loans 2.) Take care of my family and friends 3.) Buy a farm and animals 4.) Buy my school and straighten out their library program (or turn it into a rock club) 5.) Donate lots of money to local libraries and charities

Five places to run away to: 1.) Ireland, especially the Aran Islands 2.) Montreal 3.) the White Mountains of New Hampshire 4.) New Zealand 5.) the beach (anywhere really, but preferably a New England beach)

Five things I would never wear: 1.) a muumuu 2.) clothing with logos 3.) anything that reveals my stomach 4.) anything too baggy 5.) something unflattering just because it's stylish

Five favorite TV shows: Gilmore Girls, Northern Exposure, Bill Moyers Journal, Saturday Night Live, Grey's Anatomy

Five biggest joys: 1.) Making things 2.) Spending time with friends and family 3.) finding information I've been looking for 4.) finding inspiration 5.) completing a project

Favorite toys: Malcolm, my mp3 player; Philbert, my trusty (if old and slow) laptop; my swift and ball winder; my car, Betty

Was that fun or what? I bet you learned a little something about me you didn't know ;)


Beth said...

I just read this meme! (i too have decided to reread all her blogs) and YES! start wearing purple!

Kat with a K said...

Hey there! This is Jack's friend Katie. He told me your blog address so I thought I'd say hi. :)