Sunday, May 18, 2008

March/April Charity Project

So far I'm keeping good on my promise to complete a charity project every two months, even if this one was a little bit of a copout. I was planning to knit blankets for animals in shelters waiting to be adopted (the patterns are in Knitting for Peace, but they're just garter stitch rectangles), thinking it was a great reading-while-knitting project, especially reading-deathly-boring-articles-for-school-and-the-only-way-to-stay-awake-is-to-knit-while-reading project, only they tend to take longer than I thought and I am about halfway through the first one. It was also the last week of April.

Desperate times call for premature baby knits. It doesn't get any smaller than this, folks:

Preemie Baby Jester Hats from Knitting for Peace
Yarn: The greenish-blue is Sirdar Snuggly DK, the pink and brown are Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Aran. All neglible amounts of sport/fingering machine-washable yarn from the stash. This is great for cleaning out your leftovers.
Needles: US Size 5 aluminum dpns
Modifications: At the end I turned the hats inside out and did a three-needle bind-off instead of grafting the right side with Kitchener stitch.

These were so quick and easy (I did one in the half-dark of the Calvin Theater at the Harlot event). I also managed to get three done in a week without bringing them to school or work, which is impressive. I'm looking through Knitting for Peace for ideas for May/June but I'm not committing myself to any one project yet.