Monday, August 18, 2008

Granny Square Afghan

Almost a year to the day after my first post about these granny squares, I give you the completed granny square afghan:

One of the best compliments I received while working on the squares was from my friend Trina:
"That looks like something from my Polish grandmother's house."
I totally rock the grandma style.

Pattern: Um, just granny squares (instructions gleaned from The Purl Bee's excellent tutorial and the way the previous squares looked--the project was passed on to me by my aunt, who had made a couple of squares). Towards the end I looked at a granny square afghan pattern that I got from my great-grandmother for layout and finishing ideas.

Yarn: Original gangster '70s acrylic in green, yellow, and gold (no idea how many skeins, but there is a lot of yellow and gold left over, and only about two yards of green). I have the labels but I didn't recognize the brand--I'll check when I get home.

Source: My Aunt Nancy (thanks!)

Modifications/Details: I made 42 granny squares (luckily, I wove in the ends as I made them). I made six strips of seven squares each by sewing them, and then joined the strips with single crochet. I then single-crocheted around the entire afghan--two rows of yellow and one row of gold.

Why I felt compelled to finish an afghan in August is beyond me, but it wasn't that uncomfortable. I'm currently kind of obsessed with blankets now...I'm desperate to make the Pinwheel Blanket (Ravelry link) from Knitalong next.

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Kat with a K said...

It looks great! I should plan something like that - I haven't made an afghan for myself. But first I need to channel your blanket obsession to make that blanket for my brother...