Friday, August 22, 2008

How this...

becomes a bag:

(Does this answer your question, Katie?) (She watched me work on it at the Fiber Revival (post on that t0 come) last Saturday and wasn't sure how it would turn into a bag--see first photo. I had my doubts as well, but it turned out great!)

Pattern: Cocoon Bag by Cecily Keim from Crochet Me (the book)
Yarn: Lana Knits, All Hemp 3; 3 skeins deep sea #16
Source: kpixie (part of my Christmas present order)
Hook: Clover Soft Touch Size G/7
Modifications: None
Close-up of the flower stitch pattern:
I have to say I'm especially proud of myself, since this is given a difficulty level of 4 (out of 4, with 1 being the easiest), and I'm not the most experienced crocheter. If I had noticed that I might not have attempted it. It did take some concentration at times, but it wasn't awful. I'm excited to try more projects in the book now that I know I can handle it (I may already have one on the hook...)

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Kat with a K said...

It looks great! I still don't quite get it though. You should bring it on Sunday. :)