Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh Fall

I love fall. Do you know what happens in the fall, boys and girls? Socktoberfest. That's not the only reason I love fall, but we don't have enough time for the whole list--it's really long. Yesterday was full of some favorite fall activities--apple picking, visiting the last of the yard sales, and enjoying the beautiful weather. There is also a new favorite to add: corn mazes! There is nothing more fun than trying to find your way through a corn maze while eating a delicious cider doughnut and trying to avoid being run down by yelling boys.

But back to the knitting. I know some of you are saying, "Caitlin, need we remind you of the Summer of Socks? Or in your case, the Summer You Knit Two Measly Pairs of Socks and One Didn't Even Count?" *

I remember. But:

  • I was only in school for half of the Summer of Socks, whereas now I am in school for the whole month of October. I do a lot of sock knitting on the bus and in class.
  • I love socks + I love October so this = Soctober participation.
  • Lots of peeps are getting handknit socks for Christmas. November is cutting it a little close for me, so this is good motivation to do it now.
  • No rules! (Not that SoS was entirely rule-ridden)
  • It's a great stash-busting exercise
  • I am already well-entrenched in sock knitting (at least 3 pairs are on the needles)

*The pair was finished before the Summer of Socks officially started.

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Ariel said...

Hurrah for fall! Hurrah for Socktoberfest! And, especially, hurrah for you for already thinking about gift knits!