Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh Boy

Here we go. I'm heading into the last few weeks of the semester, and although there is sure to be knitting (it keeps me going) it may not get blogged until December 12. The holiday knitting is DONE though (the knitting; not the making of other presents involving several other crafts, some of which I have never attempted before...)

Here are the two November birthday presents:

"Snowflakes on My Shoulders" Cowl from The Elegant Ewe
Yarn: Sublime Kid Mohair, 3 skeins white (I just used a little bit of the third skein)
Source: to remain nameless, because I had a very bad experience there
Needles: US Size 9
Modifications: None
Recipient: My grandma, who was very happy with it

Basic Everyday Purse from Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Kettle-Dyed in Charcoal, 3 skeins (or maybe 2)
Source: Knit Picks
Needles: Addi Turbo US Size 11 24" circular needles
Modifications: None
Recipient: My aunt, also very happy

In other knitting news, I have finished the Clessidra socks for the second time and they fit beautifully. I was knitting them this time last year so I could have them done by Thanksgiving, and I'm happy I've finished them in time to wear them on Thanksgiving this year. I am having issues with the Swirled Pentagon Pullover, but I think I know how to fix it. The problem is that it involves me sucking it up and ripping out the collar and yoke and reknitting the six pentagons (again). I have also started my socks, in the yarn that inspired the pattern. I have big plans for present-making and Christmas-inspired knitting, but we'll see how far that takes me as the semester wraps up. It's my last semester though, so I can see the light! I've just got to work hard these next couple of weeks, and then I can collapse on a pile of yarn.


Ariel said...

Wear your Clessidras to class next week! Nothing says "professional presentation attire" like handknit knee-highs.

Caitlin said...

I will if it's not snowing!