Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Holidays

I keep reading everyone's posts about their holiday knitting, and even though most of them are very stressed, I am feeling a little left out. (I am a sick sick person). I don't have as many people to knit for as I did a few years ago, since I am now considered an adult and participate in the adult Yankee swaps as opposed to exchanging presents with everyone. I did add one small item to my list, and there is room for a little more, so I should just enjoy the fact that I have most of my holiday knitting done.

It is nice that I have the time to do a little holiday knitting for myself. I am currently working on the Holly Legwarmers from Handknit Holidays. I finished the first one last night and started the second one this morning. The not-so-jolly part is weaving in a thousand ends.

Other holiday knitting tidbits:

  • I just ordered the Ana Bandana kit from Knit/Purl. I've wanted one ever since Blue Garter posted about it awhile ago, but it was sold out at the time. I was kind of obsessed for awhile and then forgot, but I remembered again when Fyberduck posted about it. It's one of my treats for surviving grad school (more about that next post; it's still to close and traumatic right now)
  • I am getting a Namaste Newport bag from kpixie for Christmas. I am sooo excited about this bag, and I'm not the only one. Jenna over at Knits & Pieces (love that blog) ordered one too. She knits such pretty stuff and makes the most gorgeous jewelry, so it makes me happy that she shares my taste in bags.
  • I am also knitting an Urchin from my handspun and a wayward skein of Rowan Ribbon Twist (the handspun won't be enough). I also hope to start a new Porom soon and I really want to knit Habitat also. Can you tell that it's cold in New Hampshire? (and that I have a short attention span?)
  • I finished the Swirled Pentagon Pullover a couple of weeks ago. Will blog about it soon.

I wish those of you busily knitting away for the holidays the best of luck, and I hope everyone is taking time to enjoy this busy time of year.

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